April 20

What I know about federation

Before Federation, Australia was divided into 6 separate ….. I’m not sure. I think it’s countries

Which other country might have been part of Australia?  Not sure but in think Tasmania.

Who was Henry Parkes? I don’t know anything about Henry parkes.

Why were the initial attempts to become a Federation rejected? I don’t know.

What role did Alfred Deakin play in becoming a Federation? I don’t know.

In what year did Australia become a nation? Don’t know.

Who was Australia’s first Prime Minister? I don’t know.

How did Federation impact on Indigenous people and Chinese migrants? Don’t know.

What do you know about the Eureka Stockade? It’s in Ballarat

What were some big events that have happened between 1901 and 1960? I’m not sure

Who were some important people between 1901 and 1960? I have no idea who were some important people.

February 27

The Rule of Thirds

Today we were learning about the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds is is when you take a picture and it can be cut into thirds.

The picture of the spiderweb follows the rule of thirds because the spiderweb poll is in lined with one of the thirds. The picture of the basketball ring also showes the rule do thirds because the centure of the basketball ring is in line with one of the thirds.


December 14


This last few weeks our class has been working on poems. We got to choose our own topic and mine was horses. We had to choose what the poem it about like differences or a feeling. And this is my poem.

Horses have their individual ways,
They push their boundaries,
Every horse is different,
But then again the same,
Different in attitudes
Cheeky or moody,
Stubborn or energetic,
Well behaved or defiant
Then again the same in so many ways

December 2

2016 school concert

School concert

For the last few weeks all the students have been working on their class consent. There was 26 performances. Our song was ‘dynamite’ by Taio Cruz

Choosing a song:
It took 2 or 3 weeks to choose a song. Our original song was a mash up between ‘Lean on’ and ‘Thunderstruck’ but our moves did not work so we choose ‘Dynamite’.

At the start of the dance we made up moves but they also did not work so we got our performance off of just dance. Most of the moves I thought were a bit weird but as I got use to the dance they were more familiar.

How did I feel durning the concert?

I feet that during the concert everyone was in time and we had tricks who where done by Sophie,Charlize,Fiintan,Mikhalah,Jarrod,Madi,Amelia and Sabine which I thought were good.

About the night:
I thought the night was amazing because there was a coffee van, two ice cream trucks and a wood fire pizza van. And Charlize and Amelia had lots of soft drink and ice cream so they had a sugar rush.

November 25

Picture story books

For the last few weeks the grade 5 students have been working on our picture story books for our 2017 buddy’s. We did this so our buddy’s would feel welcome on their first day at school. The process took a very long time almost 4 weeks to complete them.
What did I like about writing the picture story books?
I liked how we were given the opportunity to write about what ever we wanted but it had to be suitable for young readers.
What would I do differently next time?
I would take more time in the writing process and constraint more with my work